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Submission of Papers

Researchers interested in contributing to the conference should send papers for review and selection no later than 28 February, 2013 (**CLOSED!**).

Earlier enquiries or requests for information are welcomed - contact Norio Sawabe at


The list of all titles of submitted papers (under refereeing process) is here.

Resubmission of Revised Paper

Submit the revised version of the full paper by 15 May, 2013 to the Revised Paper Resubmission Form and also submit new abstract page as a separate file using the template attached to the accept letter mail. (template file is also available here.)

Abstract should be written within one page including paper title, author name, affiliation, email, and keywords.

Final Accepted Paper Format

Papers should be single-spaced, 12 Point Times New Roman type font, but in all other respects the style should be as recommended in the Accounting, Audit and Accountability Journal Author Guidelines.

Paper format must be:

  • Cover page:
    Paper title (all bold capitals) centred on page
    Author(s) - First name, initial(s), family name Institutional affiliation
  • Second Page:
    Paper title (all bold capitals) centred on page Title "ABSTRACT" centred on page Single-line spacing, 12 point, Times New Roman font. Maximum length 300 words of abstract.
  • Third and subsequent pages:
    Body of paper
    Single-line spacing, 12 point, Times New Roman font Section headings - all bold capitals Bibliography as for AAAJ style guide.


Accepted Papers

The complete versions of all papers accepted for the conference will be available to participants through this website in the Internet Conference Proceedings section. These are full papers which have been accepted after refereeing by international referees external to the Conference Committee.

USB Proceedings

In addition to the publication of the conference proceedings on the Internet Conference Proceedings section of this website, all conference registrants will be supplied with a USB Flash Memory containing full papers included in the APIRAKOBE 2013 conference proceedings.

Conference Abstracts

All papers accepted for this conference, in addition to being incorporated in the Internet Conference Proceedings section of this website, will have their abstracts included in the hard copy "APIRA KOBE 2013 Conference Abstracts" booklet, issued to all conference registrants.

Journal Editors

As this conference will be held in association with Accounting, Auditing and Accountability Journal, the editorial representatives of this journal will be at the conference with a view to inviting submission of papers for consideration for possible publication in AAAJ.

Conference Sub-themes

Papers are welcomed in all of the following areas

  • Accounting Communication
  • Intellectual Capital
  • Knowledge Management
  • Risk Management
  • Corporate Governance
  • Social and Environmental Accounting
  • Critical Financial Analysis
  • Accounting and Gender and/or Feminist Theories Accounting
  • Accountability in the Public Sector
  • Non-profit Organizations' Accountability
  • Accounting Policy and Standard Setting
  • Corporate Regulation and Accountability
  • Accounting Professions
  • New Forms of Accounting and Auditing
  • Auditing and Accountability: Professional and Business Ethics
  • Accounting in the Third World
  • Accounting and the Public Interest
  • Critical, Explanatory, Oral and Visual Approaches to Accounting
  • Accounting History
  • Critical and Ethnographic Case Studies of Accounting in Action
  • Accounting and Management Planning and Control
  • International Accounting and Globalisation
  • Accounting and Technology
  • Accounting and Culture
  • Accounting and the Home
  • Methodological and Theoretical Issues


All papers will be independently refereed by scholars worldwide, selected from the editorial board of Accounting Auditing and Accountability Journal (AAAJ) and over 100 ad hoc international referees. Only full papers will be admitted to the refereeing process (abstracts alone will not be acceptable).

Authors of accepted and rejected papers will be supplied with referees' comments where appropriate and as provided by the referees.

Authors of papers accepted subject to revisions will be supplied with referees' comments and revision recommendations.


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